Episode 5: Muriel Spark - A Blazing Talent.

• February 4th, 2018

This year is the centenary of Muriel Spark's birth. Join Donna and Tom as they talk about the life of one of the 20th century's greatest writers and the creator of one of literature's most iconic characters - Miss Jean Brodie.

Excerpt is from "Appointment in Arezzo: A Friendship with Muriel Spark" by Alan Taylor. Music by Stefan Kartenburg, featuring Dimitri Artmenko on strings, and it's from dig.ccMixter. 

Our website is gallusgirlsandwaywardwomen.weebly.com, and you can find us on Twitter @gallusgirlstory

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Episode 4. Mary Queen of Scots. Part 2 - The Return to Scotland

• January 19th, 2018

Donna and Tom discuss what happens to Mary Queen of Scots on her return to her homeland. Spoiler: It doesn't end well. Music by Stefan Kartenburg.

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Episode 3: Mary Queen of Scots. Part 1 - The French Princess

• January 7th, 2018

Join us in the first of a two-parter as we look at Scotland in the reign of James V, the circumstances that saw his daughter Mary Stuart taken to France, and her golden childhood at the French court of Henri II.

Music by Steve Kartenburg

Poem by Rabbie Burns

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Episode 2: Nell Gwynn: Working Class Hero

• December 17th, 2017

Join us as we delve into the life of Nell Gwynn, mistress of King Charles the II and superstar of the London working class. Music by Stefan Kartenburg.

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