Episode 8: Catherine of Aragon - The True Wife

Welcome to Episode 8! Here we will talk about Catalina, or Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand, the King and Queen of Spain. Betrothed to Arthur, Prince of Wales, from the age of 4, Catherine's fate would involve widowhood after only a few months of marriage and eventual marriage to Arthur's younger brother Henry, the future King of England. Unfortunately, she became victim of Henry VIII's inability to produce a male heir, and her subsequent downfall was inevitable. A fervent Catholic, her refusal to agree to an annulment of their marriage so he could marry Anne Boleyn, eventually led to Henry's break with Rome and the Pope, and the creation of the Church of England.

Music by Stefan Kartenburg, featuring Dimitri Artmenko on strings, and it's from dig.ccMixter. 

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