Episode 20: Constance Markiewicz - The Rebel Countess

When American-born English socialite Nancy Astor entered the House of Commons on 1 December 1919, she became the first female MP in British history to take a seat in parliament. But although Nancy was the first woman to take her seat, she wasn't the first to be elected. That was achieved the year before by one Constance Markievicz. Born into County Sligo aristocracy, married into Polish royalty and immortalised by W.B. Yeats in poetry, Constance would at one point be condemned to death for "waging war against the King" . While detained in Holloway Prison for her part in the Easter Uprising of 1916, she ran her campaign for Parliament, and won.
However, as a member of Sinn Fein, she disqualified herself by refusing to swear allegiance to the British crown. She would dedicate the rest of her life fighting for Irish independence.

Opening music by Stefan Kartenburg, featuring Dimitri Artmenko on strings, and it's from dig.ccMixter.  All other music used in the show is from copyright free music sites.

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