Episode 12: Enid Blyton - Her Own Greatest Creation

Enid Blyton's books were the height of escapism for children. She told stories of youngsters who were free to roam around unsupervised; children whose parents were conveniently absent, allowing them to explore the dens of smugglers, kidnappers and no-good Johnny-foreigners – who the plucky children would always outsmart and deliver into the hands of the local, bungling police, before going home to sardine sandwiches and of course... lashings of ginger beer... ripping!

She wrote almost 800 books in her lifetime, including the Famous Five series, the Noddy books and The Faraway Tree series. Her books have been best sellers since the 1930s, selling over 600 million copies to date, despite becoming increasingly controversial from the 1950s onwards. Join us as we have a nosy into her life!

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